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Charcuterie 'Man-per' Hamper

Delux hamper of venison and water buffalo salami, accompanied by a bottle of fiery Bull's Bood red wine and two spicy condiments of freshly crushed red peppers and cold-pressed chilli oil. It is the perfect treat for that special man in your life, or use it as a basis for a memorable charcuterie board.

The hamper contains:

Spicy Venison Salami 250g: Unique venison salami, full of character and game flavour which is rounded out by a mouth-watering piquant twist. This gourmet charcuterie is pork-free, made with free-range venison and water buffalo tallow, then seasoned with Hungarian hot paprika and a unique combination of aromatic fresh spices. Each artisanal salami is made from prime cuts in small batches and smoked over fragrant beech wood for an unforgettable experience.

Wild Boar Chorizo 250g: Unique wild boar chorizo, mild but full of character and complex game flavour. This gourmet charcuterie is made with free-range wild boar meat, which is seasoned with deeply aromatic Hungarian paprika and a special combination of fresh spices. Each artisanal chorizo is made from prime cuts in small batches and smoked over fragrant beech wood for an unforgettable experience. 

BOLYKI Egri Bikavér 'Bull's Blood' 2016 750ml: Attractive, deep ruby colour. A spicy nose shows a core of dark stewed fruit and a hint of chocolate. Rich, chewy palate with intense black pepper spice, followed by dark cherry and blackcurrant notes and a touch of vanilla. Lively acidity, tight tannic structure, and long mineral finish.

Hungarian Hot Crushed Fresh Peppers 'Erős Pista' 200g: Erős Pista is ubiquitous in Hungarian cuisine, used for preparing traditional favourites including goulash soup, stews, curries and casseroles. Made from coarsely ground fresh chilli peppers, with this versatile ingredient at your fingertips, you can infuse any dish with the deep and intensely piquant flavour of hot peppers.

Hot Chili Paprika Seed Oil 100ml: A unique spicy paprika seed oil created by mechanically cold-pressing the seeds of selected red peppers. The gentle manufacturing method ensures that this versatile oil retains all the valuable bioactive compounds and nutrients found in the seeds.

It is a healthy and flavourful choice for frying or use it to make your favourite Hungarian recipes, imbuing them with a piquant flavour and a tantalising deep ruby colour. Alternatively, use it to marinate meat ready for the BBQ, or drizzle over salads for a fiery twist. If you are a lover of spice, then you can also try it in Asian cuisine as a substitute for your regular cooking oil, you won't be disappointed!


Spicy Venison Salami 250g: Free-range venison, water buffalo tallow, curing salt, Hungarian paprika, spices, preservative (sodium nitrite).

Wild Boar Chorizo 250g: Free-range wild boar, pork pancetta, curing salt, Hungarian paprika, spices, preservative (sodium nitrite).

Hungarian Hot Crushed Fresh Peppers 'Erős Pista' 200g: Ground raw hot pepper (87%), salt, xanthan gum, citric acid, potassium sorbate

Hot Chili Paprika Seed Oil 100ml: 100% Cold-pressed Hungarian hot paprika seed oil

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Goulash Soup

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