Product Description

An assortment of 15 delicious Christmas pralines in 3 flavours:

    1. White chocolate filled with chocolate cream with rosé champagne
    2. Milk chocolate filled with chocolate cream with muscatel champagne
    3. Dark chocolate filled with chocolate cream with chardonnay champagne

You can hang them on your Christmas tree, use them as table decoration, as unique gifts to your friend and family, or just sit by the fire and let the pralines melt in your mouth.

It is GMO and gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians.

About the Manufacturer

The Stühmer brand offers a chocolate for every mood and every occasion. The company is Hungary's first chocolate maker, founded by Frederick Stühmer, a Master Confectioner from Hamburg, Germany. He was an exceptionally skilled chocolatier, and under his guidance, the Stühmer brand soon begun to prosper. His products were characterized by a purity and an unparalleled depth of flavour and taste sensation courtesy of only using the finest ingredients available, while also placing an emphasis on unique and appealing packaging. These time honoured traditions form the backbone of the company's ethos to this day.


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