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Truffle - Balsamic Vinegar Sauce With Truffles 100ml

Balsamic Vinegar Sauce with Truffles 100ml

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Balsamic Vinegar Sauce with Truffles

Product Description

The best balsamic vinegar is thickened using a special method to preserve all the taste.  Then the truffles are cooked in this sauce with the addition of some honey and spices.  This is one of our most versatile truffle products and can be used equally well with savory or sweet dishes, hot or cold.  Use this product as a spice, a few drops is enough! It can be used in salad dressings and in soups. Alternatively, use it to make a sauce for wild game, lamb, poultry and vegetables dishes.  Due to its versatility, it can serve as decoration or as a natural flavour enhancer.  It is also ideal in stews and stir-fries.