Balsamic vinegar from hand-picked blueberries, bursting with flavour and summery aromas. This premium quality vinegar is made with fresh fruit from local orchards grown in the rich soil of Tokaj. Biologically fermented, a natural process which preserves the original character of the fruit, and then aged in oak barrels. The result is a balanced balsamic with a light texture and delicate acidity, making this an essential gourmet ingredient in your pantry.

A dash of this versatile condiment makes an irresistible addition to yoghurt, fruit salad or ice cream. You can also use it to prepare a delicious marinade or give a mouth-watering twist to pasta dishes. Mix it with water to create a refreshing fruit shrub drink or add it to cocktails for a flavour explosion.

The regular consumption of vinegar can improve cardiac health and insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol and aid in maintaining a healthy weight.


Concentrated apple must, furmint wine vinegar, apple vinegar, 5% concentrated blueberry must and 1% violet paste

About the Producer

The multi-award-winning vinegars of Borecet Kft were born in the heart of the Tokaj Region, a pristine area famed for its unique volcanic soil and outstanding produce. The balsamic and wine vinegars are expertly crafted from the finest, locally grown fruits and world-renowned Tokaji white wines. The result of the all-natural production process and careful attention to detail is a range of truly exclusive gourmet products you can rely on, providing your dishes with a tantalising culinary boost.