Balsamic vinegar from juicy, sun-kissed apricots and fragrant elderflowers bursting with flavour and summery aromas. This premium-quality vinegar is made with fresh fruit from local orchards grown in the rich soil of Tokaj, and aromatic elderflowers. Biologically fermented, a natural process which preserves the original character of the fruit, and then aged in oak barrels. The result is a balanced balsamic with a light texture and delicate acidity, making this an essential gourmet ingredient in your pantry.

A dash of this versatile condiment makes an irresistible addition to yoghurt, fruit salads or ice cream. You can also use it to prepare a delicious marinade or give a mouth-watering twist to pasta dishes. Mix with water to create a refreshing fruit cordial or add to cocktails for a flavour explosion.

Regular consumption of vinegar may improve cardiovascular health and aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

Received 2* at the 2020 Great Taste Award.

Comments from the Great Taste Judges:

"Abundant apricots on the nose, and a lovely clear amber colour. The vinegar coats your mouth with a silky sweetness which is balanced beautifully with the vinegar. Multiple levels of interest, with a silky sweetness and delicate salinity and a surprisingly warming hit of pure scrumpy cider on the finish. Versatile and rich flavours, will be sensational with a goat's cheese salad, awesome with chicken and pork and will blend well in desserts."


Furmint wine vinegar aged on apricot (furmint wine vinegar, 25% apricot), apple vinegar, concentrated apple must, Furmint wine vinegar aged on elderflower (furmint wine vinegar, 2% elderflower)

The multi-award-winning vinegars of Borecet Kft are born in the heart of the Tokaj Region, a pristine area famed for its unique volcanic soil and outstanding produce. The balsamic and wine vinegars are expertly crafted from the finest locally grown fruits and world-renowned Tokaji white wines. An all-natural production process and careful attention to detail create a range of truly exclusive gourmet products you can rely on, adding to your dishes with a tantalising culinary twist.

Tokaji Style Fresh Berries with Honey

The ripe and juicy berries with their natural sweetness are balanced beautifully by the acidity of the fragrant balsamic vinegar and the tartness of the yoghurt, creating a light dessert and a delightful treat that is refreshing and indulgent in equal measure.

Roasted Red Cabbage with Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette

Turn an unassuming cabbage into a gastronomic delight with a scrumptious honey and mustard vinaigrette. A lighter alternative to roast potato, this delicious side dish is bursting with flavour, perfect for summer. Delicious with steak or a BBQ, while you can even have it as the main course before a decadent dessert.