The Alte Wurst is a rustic, dry cured salami, made with fresh pork from only pre-selected, 'salami pigs'. The style was brought to the village Feked, in Southern Hungary, by Swabians from Southwestern Germany. They had a traditional skill set in meat curing, preparing their salami with salt and a variety of peppers. The meat and bacon are hand chopped, while the peppers are roughly ground. This mouthwatering charcuterie is made without any paprika, staying true to its original recipe.

This versatile salami is the perfect filling for bagels and sandwiches. Sliced thinly, use as a topping for pastas, salad and pizza for a delicious and novel experience. You can also serve it alongside your cheese board for a savoury flavour infusion.

In 2018, Fekedi Stifolder's Alte Wurst Salami was selected as the Best Salami in Hungary by an expert panel of judges.

About the manufacturing: The master charcutier begins by placing the filling in a natural casing, followed by a two-phase curing process. First, the salami is smoked for an entire week over cold oak smoke. It is then hung for 60-90 days, under tightly controlled conditions, to complete the curing process. The end result is a delicious salami, firm enough to cut into fine slices, but one that will still melt in your mouth.


Pork, belly bacon, spices, salt, sodium nitrite and beef casing.

Made using 144g of pork per 100g of salami.

Weight: approx 600g

Vacuum packed.

About the Manufacturer

Fekedi Stifolder is a family company specialising in premium quality salami with character. Using traditional recipes passed down from father to son, they aim to bring you a taste of the Hungarian countryside. Prepared using only the finest local ingredients, these award-winning salami are a firm favourite of critics and charcuterie lovers alike.