The Alte Wurst is a rustic, dry cured salami, made without paprika. The style was brought to the village Feked, in Southern Hungary, by Swabians from Southwestern Germany. They had a traditional skill set in meat curing, preparing their salami with salt and a variety of peppers. At this point paprika was unknown, as was the meat grinder. As a result, the meat and bacon were hand chopped, while the peppers were roughly ground.

In 2018, the Alte Wurst Salami was selected as the Best Salami in Hungary by an expert jury.

About the manufacturing: All the water is removed from the meat, instead of binding it with additives. During the long manufacturing-curing process, the fresh product loses around 40% of its starting weight. To achieve the highest quality, only pre-selected, so called salami pigs are used, together with the finest ingredients and using small batches (30kg at a time). After placing the filling in a natural casing, a two-phase curing process takes place. The first stage involves a week-long smoking process over cold oak smoke. Then, depending on size, a 60-90-day curing stage follows, carried out under tightly controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, air speed).


Pork, belly bacon, spices, salt, sodium nitrite and beef casing.

Made using 144g of pork per 100g of salami.

Weight: around 600g

Vacuum packed.

About the Manufacturer

Lovingly made by a family company, who specialise in producing the highest quality salamis using traditional Swabian recipes, the finest Hungarian ingredients and modern technology. Their products are widely acclaimed by critics and consumers alike, winning numerous awards along the way.