Our Story

Welcome to our Food Empire!

Let us take you on a delicious journey through the “Pantry of Europe”, where century old gastronomic traditions meet a unique climate and excellent geographical conditions. Since the middle ages, Hungarian delicacies were served around the tables of Europe. We want to rekindle this tradition, and introduce truly unique artisanal Hungarian jams, honey, herbs, seasons, pickles, vinegar, oils, sauces, chutneys and teas.

Who could be better positioned to bring you the best that Hungary has to offer than two Hungarian foodies living in Wales.

After months of careful research, we are proud to present our premium Hungarian online food store. Buying natural foodstuff online has never been easier, with Best of Hungary offering healthy and organic food deliveries from the heartland of Hungary straight to your door.

It has become such a cliché that you are what you eat, yet it really is that simple. Over the years, we have seen the demand for organic, gluten-free, lactose-free and preservative-free products increase. To aid you in your search for these products, we have decided to label our goods with helpful symbols. Additionally, as the use of genetically modified crops is forbidden in Hungary, you can be certain that all our products are GMO-free.

We source all our products directly from the manufacturers, most of whom are real family-owned businesses. We know exactly how it is made, the people involved and their dedication to delivering only the best products to You. Each jar is a revelation, as the careful manufacturing preserves the natural flavours, and the century old recipes transport you back across time. Our passionate and dedicated team our focused to provide you with outstanding customer care. All orders are expertly packaged to ensure that you receive your order in perfect condition.


Monika and Zoltan