Medium-bodied red wine, with the rich fruity flavour and fullness of the Cabernet Franc, perfectly complemented by the smoothness and lightness of the Merlot. This is a harmonious Bordeaux blend with black berries on the palate, with notes of ripe cherry, pomegranate, vanilla, oak and cocoa.

Food Pairing

It is the perfect accompaniment to Hungarian dishes including goulash soup, beef stew and lecso. Pair it with semi hard - hard cheese, including Cheddar, Pecorino and Red Leicester.

Grape variety: 60% Cabernet Franc and 40% Merlot

Soil type: Volcanic

Fermentation: Controlled in stainless steel tank

Ageing: 18 months in oak barrel

Alcohol content: 13.0%                   

Bottle size: 0.75l


    Mundus Vini 2017 - Gold Medal

    Women's Wine and Spirits Award 2020 - Silver Medal

    Vesztergombi Winery, Szekszárd - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

    The Vesztergombi family looks back on a centuries-old tradition of winemaking in the region around Szekszárd in southern Hungary, where the River Danube meanders between rolling hills and fertile valleys. This scenic setting provides the perfect conditions for growing red grapes with character. The Vesztergombi winery was re-established in 1991, resurrecting the long-held family tradition. Its first Bikavér (Bull's Blood) was released in 1993, the year when founder Ferenc Vesztergombi was awarded the prestigious “Winemaker of the Year” title in Hungary. Today, with three generations working together in the business, the winery continues to produce outstanding red wines that authentically reflect the unique terroir of the Szekszárd region.

    Goulash Soup

    Goulash (Gulyas) is the most famous Hungarian dish in the world and one of the country's national dishes. This is a very traditional beef goulash recipe made with simple ingredients like meat, peppers and root vegetables elevated to perfection by the use of Hungary’s most famous spice: paprika.

    Lecso - Mixed Pepper Stew

    Lecso is an ancient dish originally from Serbia, and a great summer meal when all the ingredients are in season and you want to eat something a little lighter. Lecso is very versatile, it can be a great vegetarian dish while adding sliced Hungarian sausages (kolbasz) would make this a one pot main course. You can also serve it as a side dish to roast meats, especially pork, while any left-overs can be had for breakfast by adding a couple of eggs to the prepared Lecso.