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   Vineyard selection Furmint is a well-rounded dry white wine, with a lively acidity and a creamy texture from of its unique terroir. The fruity aromas are well-complemented by the spices from the barrel ageing. Light but substantial, this is a complex wine of real body.

Food Pairing Recommendation

   It goes very well with herb crusted poultry, fish, sushi and dumplings. If you are preparing a cheese board then pair it with medium hard cheese including Edam, Emmental, Gruyere and Gouda.

Serving temperature: 9-11°C

Winery: Tokajicum Winery, Tokaj - Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)

   The Tokajicum Winery is situated in the historical wine region of Tokaj, renowned for its white wines, but especially its unique Late Harvest and Aszu dessert wines. The winery cultivates grapes on 20 hectares of prime location land, with vines that are 40 years or older, producing wines of real character with a high mineral content.

Grape Variety: Furmint

Soil Type: Volcanic loess  

Fermentation: 50% tank - 50% barrel fermentation  

Ageing: 6-8 months in 2-3 years old oak barrel

Alcohol Content: 13.5%                   

Bottle Size: 0.75l

Specialty: Vegan