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Winery: Kolonics Winery, Somló

Grape Variety: Juhfark (Sheep's tail)

Soil Type: Volcanic  

Fermentation: In oak barrel

Ageing: 12 months in oak barrel

Alcohol Content: 13.0%                   

Bottle Size: 0.75l

Tasting Notes

This sheep's tail is a medium-bodied white wine, with the grape’s mild bouquet allowing the qualities of the terroir to shine through. It is a popular choice for wedding-nights, as it is believed to lead to a baby boy. It is deep golden yellow  in colour, with rich honeyed aromas and a nose of green apple, white flowers and peach. Wild berry fruit flavour with notes of beeswax. Long, lean and direct on the palate, with a high acidity and a firm mineral core. This is a beautifully structured wine, bringing out the best from this unique Hungarian grape variety.  

Food Pairing Recommendation

It goes very well with chicken salad and grilled fish, as well as a light creamy pasta. If you are preparing a cheese board then pair it with washed-rind cheese like Appenzeller, Linburger or Taleggio. 

Serving temperature: 11-12°C

About the Winemaker

The family-owned Kolonics winery is situated in the Somló wine region. It is  the smallest wine region in Hungary, and due to the special volcanic soil, it produces white wines with real character, which really showcase the terroir. The winery uses a traditional approach, restricting the yields to ensure that they only work with the finest grapes, which are then fermented and aged in traditional oak barrels, allowing for a complete harmony of flavours and aromas to develop.