Truffle pesto created by combining aromatic champignon and porcini mushrooms with fragrant black truffles, almonds and the finest olive oil, resulting in an intensely flavoured gourmet delicacy. With a jar of this potent pesto, you can readily infuse any dish with an earthy and moreish truffle flavour.

A very versatile ingredient with a powerful truffle flavour, so you only need a little, even for family sized portions. Mix the pesto with freshly prepared tagliatelle al dente and shavings of parmesan cheese for a delicious dinner. You can also use it to create sauces for grilled fish and sea food, or try it as a mouth-watering condiment for roast chicken or lamb. Combine with cream cheese or cottage cheese to create a velvety pastry filling, or mix into whips, creams and soufflés for a sweet and savoury delight.

The truffles are foraged for by abandoned dogs, trained by an animal rescue charity.


Champignon, extra virgin olive oil, olives, 5% black truffle (Tuber aestivum), porcini, almond, natural truffle aroma and salt

Triffla places You in charge of the creative process. A collection of mushroom experts (mycologists) forage through Hungary's vast forests and select only the best specimens. The fresh mushrooms are combined with the finest ingredients to create easy to use ingredients, allowing you to prepare memorable dishes.

Truffle Tagliatelle

An indulgent pasta dish ready in just 20 minutes, perfect to bring a gourmet touch to a weekday evening. The fresh pasta infused with the earthy, moreish black truffle flavour makes for an irresistible combination.