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Hungarian 'Tricolour' Spicy Vegetable Pickles 710g

Hand-prepared artisan spicy vegetable pickles, this assorted mix is based on the colours of the Hungarian flag. It includes equal layers of piquant hot chilli peppers, aromatic garlic cloves and crunchy green tomatoes.

All of the ingredients are carefully sourced from local farmers. They are gently preserved in a vinegar base, ensuring that the vegetables maintain their authentic taste and crisp, crunchy texture, just like when they were freshly picked.

The hot pickles give a mouth-watering edge to rich meat dishes such as BBQ or a lamb stew. You can also add it to fresh salads for a spicy kick or slice it thinly as a sandwich filling.



Green tomato, garlic, chilli pepper, water, vinegar, sucrose, salt, black pepper, onion, mustard seeds, potassium-metabisulphite.

Drained weight: 360g.