An elegant yet powerful medium-bodied dry red wine with a bright ruby colour and classic Pinot Noir aromas of red cherries, rosehip and raspberry fruit. Intense fruit on the palate, accompanied by a spicy, herbaceous character and a hint of smoke. The gentle warmth from the alcohol is rounded out by dynamic acidity and a tight structure. A light wine with a fiery kick. 

Food Pairing

Try with duck dishes such as a crispy Chinese duck or duck with plum sauce, or serve it alongside a traditional Chicken Paprikash or tangy roasted red cabbage for a memorable experience.

Serving temperature: 18°C, after aerating for at least 15 minutes

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

Soil type: Volcanic rhyolitic tuff

Fermentation: Spontaneous, for 14 days

Ageing: 12 months in 500l Hungarian oak barrels

Alcohol content: 14%                   

Bottle size: 0.75l

Special feature: Vegan

Gál Tibor Winery, Eger - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Tibor Gál's family winery is located in the picturesque wine region of Eger. Dedicated to creating memorable and age-worthy wines that reflect the typicity of this unique and complex region, Tibor and his team only cultivate grape varieties that are ideally suited to the micro-climate of Eger, which allows this award-winning young winemaker to create liquid works of art representing the best of Hungarian wine.

Chicken Paprikash with Noodles

Chicken Paprikash, called Paprikás Csirke in Hungarian, is a popular weekend staple and a classic of the Hungarian culinary arts. As suggested by its name, smoky and aromatic paprika is at the heart of the dish, which combines simple ingredients into comfort food paradise.

Roasted Red Cabbage with Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette

Turn an unassuming cabbage into a gastronomic delight with a scrumptious honey and mustard vinaigrette. A lighter alternative to roast potato, this delicious side dish is bursting with flavour, perfect for summer. Delicious with steak or a BBQ, while you can even have it as the main course before a decadent dessert, like these Tokaji style fresh berries.