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Hot Chilli Paprika Seed Oil 100ml

Hot chilli paprika seed oil made by cold-pressing the seeds of selected spicy red peppers. This versatile oil with a tantalising deep ruby colour and pure and lasting heat is perfect for bringing a mouth-watering piquant flavour to your dishes.

Chilli oil is a flavourful choice for frying and gives a spicy edge to your favourite Hungarian recipes. Alternatively, use it to marinate meat ready for the BBQ or drizzle it over salads for a fiery twist. If you are a lover of spice, you can also try it in Asian cuisine as a substitute for your regular cooking oil; you won't be disappointed!

The gentle cold-pressing ensures all of the valuable bioactive compounds and nutrients found in the seeds are retained. Chilli oil is an excellent natural source of vitamins A and E, a range of essential Omega fatty acids and powerful anti-oxidants.

One of theTop 10'Most Innovative Condiments' at Dubai's 2018Gulf Food.

Received 1* at the 2018 and 2* at the 2019 Great Taste Award.

Comments from the Great Taste judges:

"A ruby red oil with sparkling clarity. Fragrant and complex - and the character of the spice comes through on the palate. It is hot and potent stuff - very pure paprika heat, instantly hot on the tip of the tongue and lingering heat through the swallow. Clean and interesting oil with a lot of potential uses."


Cold-pressed paprika seed oil.

Average Nutrition per 100g


3410kJ / 830 kcal



  - of which saturates


  - of which mono-unsaturates


  - of which polyunsaturates




   - of which sugar






Rubin Paprika is dedicated to bringing you premium quality Hungarian paprika powder that lives up to its reputation as the world's best. The family company is based in Szeged, in the heartland of Hungarian paprika production. The area's unique micro-climate and rich soil provide the ideal growing conditions for cultivating the finest raw peppers. Rubin works directly with local farmers brimming with expertise and know-how to source only the best hand-picked produce. Combining traditional stone milling with the latest quality control methods, each pack of paprika brings a touch of the Hungarian countryside to your table.

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