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Gourmet Eco Christmas Cracker

Eco-friendly Christmas crackers filled with a selection of Great Taste Award winner cold-pressed oils in stylish taster bottles. The oils are created using a unique zero-waste technology, while the packaging is from recycled materials, making it the perfect environmentally-conscious gourmet gift,

It contains the following:

Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil- Dark green hue and a fragrant aroma of freshly pressed grape juice. Its high smoke point makes it perfect for frying and grilling or preparing a delicious marinade ready for the BBQ. Its delicate flavour also makes a delightful addition to salads.

Received 2* at the 2020 Great Taste Award.

Cold Pressed Mustard Seed Oil - Golden hue and a fragrant mustard aroma. Its unique taste makes it an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine. Just mix it with honey and vinegar to create a potent dressing for greens and vegetables. Alternatively, drizzle over roast meat for a delicious extra kick.

Received 1* at the 2020 Great Taste Award.

Cold Pressed Hazelnut Oil - Deliciously nutty, it is a great match for cakes and desserts.

Received 2* at the 2020 Great Taste Award.

Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil - Golden yellow oil with the deliciously scented summery aroma of roasted sunflower seeds. Its delicate flavour makes it the ideal choice as a salad dressing. Alternatively, use it to create a moreish honey and mustard marinade for chicken and fish, ready to go on the barbecue.

Received 2* at the 2019 & 2020 Great Taste Award.


Cold-pressed mustard seed oil, cold-pressed hazelnut oil, cold-pressed grape seed oil, cold-pressed sunflower seed oil

Grapoila specialises in healthy cold-pressed oils and gluten-free seed flours from premium quality ingredients sourced locally where possible. The finest seeds are selected and undergo gentle cold-pressing, ensuring that they fully retain their health benefits and natural goodness. Meanwhile, their innovative and environmentally friendly ‘zero waste’ technology guarantees that all by-products are utilised and nothing is wasted. Their range of versatile pantry essentials is full of flavour and high in nutritional value while being good for the planet too.