Scrumptious dried plums soaked in wine, with an indulgent chocolate cream, covered in mouth-watering dark chocolate.

Called 'Szilvas Betyar' in Hungarian, which translates as Plum Rascal, this is a very popular gift from Hungary. It is the combination of delicious artisan pralines with folk art motives, referencing a time when outlaws, in the mould of Robin Hood, were idolised as heroes. 

The ideal gift for chocoholics and everyone who enjoys the perfect harmony of flavours between sweet plums and bitter dark chocolate.

Dried plums 55%, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, wine 3%, butter, rum, glucose syrup, cinnamon, soy lecithin, potassium sorbate and vanilla aroma.

Contains alcohol.

May contain traces of nuts and gluten.

Although every care has been taken, some stones may remain.

The Stühmer brand offers chocolate for every mood and every occasion. The company is Hungary's first chocolate maker, founded by Master Confectioner Frederick Stühmer. An exceptionally skilled chocolatier, he created masterpieces from only the finest ingredients, characterized by purity and an unparalleled depth of flavour, while also placing an emphasis on unique and appealing packaging. These time-honoured traditions form the backbone of the company's ethos to this day.

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Chocolate Covered Plum Pralines 250g - Szilvás Betyár