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Charcuterie Man Hamper

A deluxe charcuterie hamper of venison and water buffalo salami, accompanied by a bottle of fiery Bull's Bood red wine and two spicy condiments of freshly crushed red peppers and cold-pressed chilli oil. It is the perfect treat for that special man in your life, or use it as a basis for a memorable charcuterie board.

The hamper contains:

Spicy Venison Salami 220g: Unique venison salami, Sfull of piquant character and with a rich meaty flavour. Each artisanal salami is made from prime cuts of the finest venison meat seasoned with Hungarian hot paprika, aromatic herbs and spices. This spicy salami makes a delicious sandwich filling, or try it as a pizza topping or sliced into risottos.

Water Buffalo Salami 220g: A unique charcuterie full of rustic character and a deep meaty flavour. It is made from free-range water buffalo meat which is combined with pork pancetta, freshly ground pepper and garlic. Smoked in small batches over fragrant beechwood, this is a moreish treat that is hard to put down.

BOLYKI Egri Bikavér 'Bull's Blood' 2016 750ml: A classic Egri Bikavér from the Bolyki Winery, this award-winning vintage showcases an approachable side of this legendary wine. The spicy nose shows a core of dark stewed fruit and a hint of chocolate. Rich, chewy palate with intense black pepper spice, followed by dark cherry and blackcurrant notes and a touch of vanilla. It makes a great accompaniment to rich meat dishes such as paprikash chicken, beef stew and lamb chops, as well as traditional Hungarian classics like goulash soup.

Hungarian Hot Crushed Fresh Peppers 'Erős Pista' 200g: Erős Pista is spicy Hungarian condiment made from coarsely ground fresh chilli peppers. With this versatile ingredient at your fingertips, you can infuse any dish with the deep and intensely piquant flavour of hot peppers, perfect for livening up your mealtimes.

Hot Chili Paprika Seed Oil 100ml: This versatile oil is made by cold-pressing the seeds of selected spicy red peppers. Its tantalising deep ruby colour and pure and lasting heat is perfect for bringing a mouth-watering piquant flavour to your dishes.


Spicy Venison Salami 220g: Free-range venison, water buffalo tallow, curing salt, Hungarian paprika, spices, preservative (sodium nitrite).

Water Buffalo Salami 220g: Free-range water buffalo, pork pancetta, spices, salt, preservative (sodium nitrite).

Hungarian Hot Crushed Fresh Peppers 'Erős Pista' 200g: Ground raw hot pepper (87%), salt, xanthan gum, citric acid, potassium sorbate

Hot Chili Paprika Seed Oil 100ml: 100% Cold-pressed Hungarian hot paprika seed oil