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Wild Boar Burger

Create your own mouth-watering burgers at home by using a rich game meat like wild boar. If you can't get boar then don't worry, it will also taste delicious when made from beef, or even go with mangalitsa pork for a truly authentic Hungarian experience. The resulting combination of the succulent meat with the slight tartness you get from the aromatic truffle plum jam, is a juicy and flavoursome burger that competes with anything you can get by eating-out. And you can make it into a decadent treat with shavings of black truffles.



  • 500g wild boar mince (can also be beef or mangalica)
  • 5 burger buns
  • 100 g butter
  • Plum Jam with Truffle
  • 2 small truffles (optional)



  1. Divide the meat into 5 equal portions and shape each into a round, flat burger.
  2. Heat a pan and add the burgers, cooking them on each side and ensuring that the burger is cooked through, but still juicy.
  3. To serve, cut each burger bun in half, then brush melted butter over the insides and toast in the pan.
  4. Place the burger on the bottom, then top with a layer of plum jam and truffle crisps if you like.
  5. Top with the other half of the bun.


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