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Pan-fried Scallops with Lemon and Parsley

An indulgent yet healthy starter ready that is ready in minutes, these juicy scallops are a great way to start a meal.
Seared on deliciously fragrant sunflower oil and given a delightful kick by aromatic paprika, this luxurious entrée is taken to a whole new level when accompanied by Balassa Winery's Mézes-Mály Tokaji Furmint “Villő”, the perfect drink to go with seafood dishes.


8-10 Scallops

1 tbsp Cold Pressed Organic Sunflower Oil 

2 chopped garlic cloves

1 tsp Hungarian Hot Paprika from Szeged

juice of half a lemon

chopped parsley


freshly ground black peppers


  1. Fry the scallops in sunflower oil for about 1 minute until golden, then flip them over and sprinkle with the garlic cloves and hot paprika.

  2. Cook for about 1 more minute min more, then squeeze over with the juice from half a lemon.

  3. Serve straight away with some steamed asparagus tips, garnishing with the freshly chopped parsley and some salt and pepper to taste.

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